I’m a little under the weather today, which means I’ve settled on the couch. From there I’m spending some time trying to get well. I’ve felt this coming on for the past few days, so I’ve spent a lot of time there, reading and watching movies this week. I also listen to music a lot, everywhere, so I’ll mention that, too. This week:

My listening habits have been all over the map. There’s been some low-key indie stuff like Deerhunter, Bon Iver and Cat Power. Then there’s been some hip hop (Kid Cudi, Res), some dancier stuff (of Montreal) and a  Motown playlist (Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Al Green and Diana Ross & The Supremes). Not to mention a few live shows last week. Whew.

I finished the last (and longest) stories in the O. Henry Prize 2008 collection and American Shirt Fiction, vol. 49. I’m also still reading Selvedge.

I watched An Education (above) and The September Issue. Both are full of glamour, albeit different varieties. The September Issue focuses on the production of the most important yearly issue of American Vogue and the creative process behind it (in 2007). It focuses mostly on Anna Wintour (editor in chief) and Grace Coddington (creative director). After seeing it, I really want to go leaf through an issue of Vogue. It’s been a while. As for An Education, Peter Saarsgaard’s character David was pretty creepy (for picking up the much, much younger Jenny), but the movie is very well done. It was gorgeous. The contrast between Jenny’s (Carey Mulligan’s) mundane everyday life and the glamorous world that David inhabited was handled with tact and subtlety. The music was fantastic, as well.

Anyway, back to the couch.