This is what was up in April:

For the first two weeks in I drew (almost) every day. I have some good and not good drawings to show for it.

I also began to build myself a new desk/ studio set up. I have an idea I’m excited about involving bookshelves, file cabinets and 80 x 24 inches of desk space. (Goodbye cutting  fabrics on the floor!) What I’ve done so far is AWESOME in that it prevents me from being able to leave piles of stuff on my workspace when they could be so easily filed away.

Then I began learning to be a better baker. I’m two weeks into my apprenticeship and still trying to work out how to balance everything I’m doing and learning with getting enough sleep and carving out art time.

Somewhere in there I also baked/ made a recipe for a cake. It’s a new favorite: chocolate lavender with pastry cream between the layers and chocolate ganache poured over the top. The truth is that I ate the leftover ganache and cream with a spoon standing in my kitchen.

As all this was going on, I realized I hadn’t read anything in a long time. Now, I love reading, so that was a sad thing. Now I’m working through several short story collections. (All the two-pagers are already finished…)

On into May, I will continue to be very busy, but I am hopeful that I will squeeze in a few extra hours each week to be visually creative. Maybe I’ll even get it up onto this blog.

Oh – and I saw Jane Eyre. It was lovely.