I think I mentioned this a while ago, but I’m changing the way my studio space is arranged. To thwart my urge to make piles that take up my desk space, I got rid of my crowded desk drawers. I replaced them with filing cabinets. To make them more contemporary than the business-y 1998 I found at the thrift store, I painted them bright white and put classier handles on. I think the drawer pulls look like something from a post office, actually. With the ability to sort my materials and documents now so easy, I have very few excuses for keeping my space a mess…. which should translate directly into wanting to spend more time at it.


After: (front, left/paper side, right/fabric side)

My end goal, with this desk/ studio setup, is to put short bookshelves on the outside edges of these cabinets to replace the tall bookshelf next to my current desk.  They’ll be bright white, too, and maybe even have some brassy brackets to match those post office handles. A long desk surface will go over the top of all of it. That’s where I’ll work, sans paper piles.