So now that I’m all caught up on talking about what I did during April and May while I wasn’t posting anything here, it’s on to the next thing. I’m hoping to post a couple times a week with new work/ inspiration/ thoughts.

I’m going to be showing work soon with Matt Lawson and Darin Shuler at Jessee’s in Carrboro, NC. Hopefully I will also be showing work soon at Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe. (We’re still working on the hanging logistics there, but the work will probably be from FLORA/ FAUNA.)

All the sketching I’ve been doing is me finding a direction for a new body of work. That said, I’m thinking about doing a companion piece to the moth from FLORA/ FAUNA. Matt found a gigantic and almost dead wasp in our window sill, with beautiful patterning on it. It’s now dead and would look great as a big embroidered specimen.

Also, check out this beetle we found beneath the spare tire in his car. It looks like a triceratops with a crest of shimmering hammered copper.