When I lost my pencil pouch a few weeks back, it was full of all my favorite pens and pencils. The second-string supplies I had left behind for drawing were mostly brush pens.

This turned out to be good because I’ve been meaning to figure out just how to wrangle them. Clearly this issue hasn’t been resolved just yet*, but I’m getting there. And you know what? It’s getting more fun each time I try.

These portraits are drawn from a number of photo sources – mostly fashion blogs (The Sartorialist, Nerd Boyfriend, etc.), but also the New York Times and American Apparel.

There are a few more pages, too, but I’ll leave it here. As I replace my go-to pens and pencils (and make a new pencil pouch), I think I’ll continue to experiment with the types of marks I can make with these brush pens. They’re pretty cool.

*I also need to work on improving likeness.