Though it’s been changing for a while, I’m just noticing it.

I don’t know whether it’s growing a little bit older, being a few more years removed from college, being in a different town and state, or what, but I like really, really different things than I did just a few years ago. Five. Or even three.

To begin with, this color (^) is running a close second to yellow in the race for my favorite. A few years ago I would have said that this color was 1. boring, 2. kind of a non-color and 3. makes you look naked if you wear it and are also a white person. Now I have three shirts this color and feel like it’s the most delightful and lovely shade of peach-pink I could have. (I will concede that part of its allure is the stark contrast from anything I would wear to work in a kitchen.)

I also enjoy minimalist aesthetics a lot more. What appeals to me most is increasingly becoming simple compositions, few patterns and lots of space to breathe. I like to see color -including bright (even obnoxious) colors- and pattern, but I like them to be balanced by negative space. I notice this the most when I read blogs I’ve been following since mid-college. I have grown to appreciate some more and others less. The cool, natural, overcast or morning light in photographs from Orangette and 3191 (following images below, and far below) feel so calm, focused and peaceful.

Along those lines, Design*Sponge was once my very favorite, but has been increasingly diverging from my taste. Grace still writes and creates a space for some great posts, but more often I find myself wondering why a person would want X weird or cluttered looking object in their home, or make X claustrophobic design choice.  I’ve been thinking of it as a metaphor of D*S trending towards a look akin to traditional Chinese art/ design -thick with pattern and motifs- while I prefer a more traditional Japanese style -imperfect and full of breathing room. Wabi sabi.

And food. In this arena, I think my taste is simply expanding. I love so many foods I used to think were bad, bitter or dirt-like. While I haven’t completed my conversion to all the dark green leafies*, I’m no longer unsure of what to do with the long greens attached to my beets. Not very long ago I would have picked mushrooms off of anything they were on. Now I’m dreaming about taking a backyard mushroom cultivation workshop.

*I’m still unsure about collards and mustard greens, but I’m sure the time will come for them.

In many other cases (music, film, books, etc.) I just like more artists/ authors/ genres than I used to. I hope that this trend continues. There’s so much variety out there to like.