I’ve been feeling really bored with my music selection recently. It’s kind of an irrational dissatisfaction because I have a pretty good selection of music, with a reasonable range, and I’ve barely been listening to music at home. Here are a few things I’ve been listening to, in spite of myself.

My Motown/ Soul playlist has been growing. It’s very classic music. Especially great for situations where I’m concerned about how other people feel about what I’m playing.

Then there was a song from the college radio station that played in my head enough times that I searched it out by its lyrics and impulse-bought the album. (Bella Ruse‘s “Darling,” on the album Kuhzoo). And a friend gave me a copy of Fleet Foxes‘ Helpless Blues, which is excellent. I really like both albums, but the boredom still wasn’t all the way satiated. I think it’s because I’ve been wanting something that’s a little weird. I’ve realized that the art I like best is what challenges me a little more. The Fleet-Foxes-giving-friend introduced me to this video (below) very recently, and I’m thinking tUnE-yArDs might be the right fit for right now.

(And how fun it must have been to make this video.)