As a follow up to my last post, I am posting my list of unfinished projects. I’m a really good project starter. I have a lot of ideas. I don’t have a lot of time.  I sometimes lose interest. Sometimes I just need to sit on the couch and do something less active than making something from scratch. Like reading. Or streaming tv shows.

During one of our creativity discussion meetings, I figured out that one of my obstacles for making things is the whole heap of other things I’ve half-made. They drift around in my consciousness like a cloud over my head. So I took stock of what I haven’t finished. This list is unfortunately long, but I’m posting it here as a record that I intend to finish these things. Or toss them- but the point is that I can clear them from my head.

These are in no particular order:

1. Quilt /// Begun Jan 2011, halted because of a fabric shortage/ measurement error/// needs to have the face extended, batting added (will use surplus wool blankets), quilt stitching and binding

2. Make Dress/// This can hardly be called unfinished, because it hasn’t actually been started/// take measurements to go with design sketch, sew dress (Not actually a daunting project. The design is very simple.)

3. [Secret present for someone] small knitting project/// Begun Oct 2009, put on hold because of an injury/// knit

4. [Secret present for someone] zine/// Begun April 2010/// draw one face on one page, take to print shop and copy, sew a binding

5. Desk/// Begun spring 2011, on hold because of the lack of time to source and/or build remaining materials/// see progress here. (It has actually progressed slightly beyond that post.) Needs second bookshelf, huge desk top

6. Frame art prints and drawings/// Collected 2008 – 2010, foam core cut in 2010, halted because of laziness surrounding mat cutting/// Get frames at the thrift store, sand and paint them, buy additional frames as necessary, cut mats, cut glass, assemble, hang

7. Clothing to alter or mend/// Begun 2009-present, mostly stopped for time, lack of immediate need, correct thread or time///

a. finish darning socks (begun as part of a demo for the clothing repair  workshop.)

b. finish hemming jeans (begun as part of a demo for the clothing repair  workshop.)

c. finish mending torn apron tie

d. take in striped linen skirt

e. cut pretty detailing off un-fixable skirt

f. create darts in navy floral shirt

g. green silk skirt (found at thrift store – gorgeous chartreuse fabric, several sizes too big) – finish takign apart, pin and cut to correct size, reassemble

h. adjust clasps on sun dress to make it fit better/ stop falling off

i. shorten straps on several tank tops (gray, ivory, blue, more?)

I’ve been working on bullet point 3 (small secret knitting project) for a week or two now, but it’s slow-going. I can only work about 5-10 rows at a time without re-straining that wrist injury and I’ve taken out about as much as I’ve put in. When two years have passed since knitting anything, it’s really easy to make mistakes.

I’ll post updates on my progress.