I am extremely lucky to live in a place with cool community workshops. For a little town, they’re more available than one might imagine. Thanks to Carrboro Greenspace (and the friends that taught the workshops), I recently learned about cultivating edible mushrooms and making cheese. It turns out that with patience, clean hands and an interest in paying attention to what you’re doing, neither thing is so hard.

(preparing shiitake mushroom logs)

Both workshops demystified what seemed like hard (or at least mysterious) ways of creating food. The barrier to entry for cheese making – it turns out- is a few basic steps, Maple View‘s ubiquitous local milk and a shop about 2 miles from my doorstep that sells cultures. In the spring (or fall, depending) I should be able to eat shiitake mushrooms growing from the inoculated logs in my back yard. And if I want to inoculate more, I now have the basic skills and these links. Awesome.