The dye workshop went really well.

We were a little crowded as 18(!) in the Curryblossom kitchen, but we managed. The group was really wonderful- full of good questions and equipped with some beautiful fibers. I was surprised that most people already had some experience with dying fibers. When Liane and I taught the clothing repair class the level was definitely less advanced. Because of this, I was relieved that the students I checked in with said they still learned things. Renee and I worked well together, too. It’s always a good thing to work with someone as knowledgeable and enthusiastic as she is.

As much as I enjoyed co-teaching the class, I also learned some things as a teacher. (I’m still new at this, after all.) I think next time will be even better because we’ll be able to smooth out the wrinkles and give a more seamless presentation. (puns intended)

If anyone who took this workshop has pictures, would you please email me or link me to them? I’d love to post one and didn’t take any myself. Thanks!