Oh, where to begin? The spring was weird. During that time, my computer was stolen. With it went my inspiration folder, photos of my work and the password to my blog …until the other day when I remembered it. Since March, I’ve…

…done a lot of baking. This isn’t surprising, since I bake for work, but summer is also Birthday Season. This ice cream cake -with almond daquoise, blueberry ice cream, cassis sorbet and almond mousse- was my pièce de la resistance. And its color scheme has been appearing all over the place.

…made a quilt for our niece or nephew who will be born this fall. (quilt post to follow.)

…been reading like crazy. I love it. Expect a Books That Are Super list sometime after Labor Day. I’m at 8 and counting since mid-June, not including cookery books. No end in sight!

…been practicing the accordion. Headaches and excessive reading time have gotten in the way of quality accordion time, but I’m progressing.

…listened to new (to me) albums and seen some live shows. Our hot, hot NC summer has sounded like this playlist to me.

That is, when it hasn’t sounded like this video (that I’ve watched about 100 times):

…seen several good movies. In general, seeing a movie in the theater doesn’t thrill me much. Going means it’s a social occasion or it seems like too long to wait until it comes out on streaming. But, this summer- whoa- I’ve seen ’em all. (Exaggeration.) What I can say, is that Moonrise Kingdom, Beasts of the Southern Wild, and Safety Not Guaranteed, at least, are worth seeing ASAP.

…gotten lost on the internet trying to rebuild my crippled inspiration folder. (Why can’t I find all those photos I had of Anna Dello Russo’s crazy peak shouldered jackets? They were amazing.)

…done more sketching. Not quite up to daily again yet, but getting there. (post with photos to follow)