There were four important factors that went into planning this baby quilt:

  1. Gender-neutrality. Nobody knows if it’s a girl or a boy.
  2. I had to be able to complete it. I have never finished a quilt before, and had a relatively short time to make it, so it needed to be manageable in scope. (Spoiler alert: I finished it.)
  3. It had to be big enough for a toddler, not just a baby. I know kids wont necessarily attach to the things you want them to, but if there’s any chance for  Niece/ Nephew to love this quilt enough to bring its raggedy scraps to college, there has to be the ability for cuddling and forts.
  4. Washability. Niece/ Nephew will get it dirty.

So the details. The red side is flannel, the green side and yellow binding are quilting-weight cottons, the batting is very heavy weight cotton. All of it came from PurlSoho.com. A lot of it is organic- I can’t remember which parts. The two faces of the quilt are each one big piece of fabric (it’s a whole cloth quilt). I quilted by hand around mainly green-side patterns, but some red-side motifs as well. I used pale blue 10/2 cotton meant for weaving for that. I finished the binding by hand. The last stitch was about an hour before the baby shower. The final wash happened after the party, but before my brother- and sister-in law took it home.

In the end, I forgot to take finished pictures, and I don’t have exact dimensions. But they like it and I’m proud of it, so I think there will be opportunities in the future for all that.