The fall and winter (even when it feels too warm to be wintery) always make me want to get my hands on some yarn and make something. Like any person who works with fibers, I have a stash of yarn, string, fabric, etc. tucked away. Some of these things have been waiting for years for me to notice them. This is the season to do it.

Although my fiber stash is relatively organized and mostly contained, I’m determined to scale it back. Stashes like these can easily get out of hand. I’ve been getting real with myself about what I’ll actually use (“It’s pretty as a skein, but I hate knitting cotton.”) Mainly though, going through it has been inspiring. It’s reminded me what I liked about these things in the first place. It has also reminded me what exactly I have tucked away.

The sort-through has reminded me how good it feels to experiment without being too critical or results-focused. There have been a couple of failed projects, but I’ve been productive. After all, if I don’t use it or won’t use it, it has to go, so why not play around? After a little fiber-dry spell, it feels really nice to be stitching something nearly every day.

A couple of the successful projects have become Christmas presents. A few more supplies are waiting to do the same.