There is less work posted from August than from July. It’s also (mostly) a little less polished. In part there were fewer drawings, and in part I’m holding some back.

During August, we went on a trip to Alaska (mountains! sea! wildlife! museums!). I did a little drawing and a lot more looking. The collection of Alaskan Native arts in the Anchorage Museum was stunning.

As for holding back, I still want to tell you a little about that work. Some things are too sketchy to post and others need time to come to completion. An extremely entertaining warm-up exercise I’ve been doing is gesture drawings of pop stars’ dance moves. (So fun!) I’ve also begun a couple of more-involved projects that aren’t ready yet, including some more-imaginative, story-based pieces.

About what IS here: food. Each week, it’s a race to draw the food before we eat it. (Drawing lost the race for peaches and sweet peppers every time this month.) To see what was on the menu and in the sketchbook during August, scroll down.