I spent some time this fall making a quilt for a friend’s little boy. I haven’t made very many other quilts, but I like a minimal approach to patchwork. The bottom 2/3 of the front side is navy and gold (below). The upper 1/3 is two lighter blues. The navy/ sea portion contains a gradation of stitched waves (most visible in third photo), close together near the horizon and fading toward the bottom.


The light blue/ sky portion is stitched with unevenly-placed stars/ twinkles. (below)


On the back is a herringbone printed fabric from Nani Iro. I’m always so pleased to get to use one of Naomi Ito’s lovely fabrics.


The warm orange binding really makes the blues pop.

The fabrics and batting are all cotton. The whole things is machine wash- and dry-able. At about 3ft x 4ft, the quilt is little enough for a crib, but big enough for a toddler, when he gets that big.