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October was mostly about drawing chickens and pigs. (There are MANY more I didn’t post.) After a summer full of vegetables and wild animals, I’ve begun drawing the domesticated animals that are raised for food. I have focused on heritage breeds in part because they’re more interesting to draw, being a little quirkier to look at than the major commercial breeds. I’m also interested in them because it’s one way that I can support sustainable agriculture. Learning about some of these breeds along the way has been fascinating. (Did you know there are wooly pigs? Or that pigs were traditionally classed as “bacon,” “lard,” or “pork” breeds?)

Figure drawing, on the other hand, is something that I’m usually practicing, to varying degrees. It’s always worth improving, and it takes a lot of practice to be truly good at it.



Autumn has arrived in Seattle! The change of seasons will bring a change in the produce at our farmers’ market, ie. some of my produce reference. I’m looking forward to seeing what fall has in store.

Below are some fruits, veggies, pastries and flowers. Very soon, I’ll post one of the projects I alluded to last month: a re-imagining of a favorite board game.

In addition to all the work below, I’ve begun planning a proper website. The actual building will happen soon, but there’s a lot I still need to work out first. Among those tasks is fixing the technical issue I’m having with the white balance of my photos. I should be able to resolve that very soon, but in the meantime, I apologize for the dimness.

There is less work posted from August than from July. It’s also (mostly) a little less polished. In part there were fewer drawings, and in part I’m holding some back.

During August, we went on a trip to Alaska (mountains! sea! wildlife! museums!). I did a little drawing and a lot more looking. The collection of Alaskan Native arts in the Anchorage Museum was stunning.

As for holding back, I still want to tell you a little about that work. Some things are too sketchy to post and others need time to come to completion. An extremely entertaining warm-up exercise I’ve been doing is gesture drawings of pop stars’ dance moves. (So fun!) I’ve also begun a couple of more-involved projects that aren’t ready yet, including some more-imaginative, story-based pieces.

About what IS here: food. Each week, it’s a race to draw the food before we eat it. (Drawing lost the race for peaches and sweet peppers every time this month.) To see what was on the menu and in the sketchbook during August, scroll down.

Yesterday and today, I took quick photos of most of my July drawings and posted them below. Take a peek.

There are a variety of finish levels and subjects. While I’m especially pleased with the brioches, I also enjoy the humor inherent in some of the animal sketches.

After I mentioned losing my inspiration folder on my old computer, Rachel suggested trying a tumblr blog. So I started one.

I’m going to keep my own projects right here. Photos from other sources- usually of art and a handful of other things (fashion, nature, etc.)- will be over at

The dye workshop went really well.

We were a little crowded as 18(!) in the Curryblossom kitchen, but we managed. The group was really wonderful- full of good questions and equipped with some beautiful fibers. I was surprised that most people already had some experience with dying fibers. When Liane and I taught the clothing repair class the level was definitely less advanced. Because of this, I was relieved that the students I checked in with said they still learned things. Renee and I worked well together, too. It’s always a good thing to work with someone as knowledgeable and enthusiastic as she is.

As much as I enjoyed co-teaching the class, I also learned some things as a teacher. (I’m still new at this, after all.) I think next time will be even better because we’ll be able to smooth out the wrinkles and give a more seamless presentation. (puns intended)

If anyone who took this workshop has pictures, would you please email me or link me to them? I’d love to post one and didn’t take any myself. Thanks!

We eloped!

In January. I wanted to post this news after our announcements went out, but we seem to keep hitting snafus. One day they’ll make it in the mail.